Well, it took a lot of work, but the website is finally tuned up the way I want it to be!

I still have a number of small things to do to get the website up and running at 100%. However, I am doing this soft-launch to start publishing articles on a regular basis instead of batching them up. In the crawl-walk-run model, this is me moving my website from the crawl stage to the walk stage.

The website itself was mostly ready about 2-3 weeks ago, near the start of November. But as this is something public with my name attached to it, I wanted this soft-launch to be a good representation of what I can do and what I can say. As such, I went over the website with a keen eye for detail during the period. There were a number of days where I just went through each individual article, one at a time, looking for something specific. On one day, it was making sure the categories were good. On another, it was making sure the tags I had selected for each article made sense. On others, it was just scanning the articles and making sure they were reflecting my voice.

As this is a learning experience for me, please visit the pages on the site and leave constructive comments about the content or the style! Remember that everyone has had help learning things in their live, and pay it forward!

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So what do you think? Did I miss something? Is any part unclear? Leave your comments below.





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