Just a couple of quick notes.

No, I am not gone, just knocked flat for a bit. Had a nasty head cold that hit me over the American Thanksgiving week, and I was flat and going through boxes of tissues for the entire time. Not a good time to write. I will catch everyone up on where I am next week.

The other note is an embarassing one. The two previous articles, Saying Goodbye and Continue With Tabs were completed and published… almost. With a lot of things going on in the couple of weeks since my mother passed away, I published the articles and committe the articles to my repository. However, as I did not do my usual post-publish check, I did not notice that the process to publish them to my blog did not complete. Fixed that, checked that in, and if those changes work, I will see this up on my blog soon.

Until then, here is to a quick recovery and getting some more work done!

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