The last week has been a lesson in humilty and making sure I keep to my word and get healthy before digging full bore into the PyMarkdown project.

So the bad news is that my recovery is going slower than I wish. I guess that is probably true of any illness, but this one seems particularly sticky. Since I work during the day, I have to limit my time in the evening to make sure I have enough energy in the “tank” for the next day. That means setting an earlier cut off time for my weekday working. That has taken some adjusting to. Hopefully I can start to scale it back to where it was before I got Covid.

The good news is that I have made progress in figuring things out. As I was going through a number of cases, I came across an interesting case dealing with a tab character:

1. abc
   1. def
\t# abc

It it not really that special, just using a single tab character as an indent. But in this case, that translates into:

1. abc
   1. def
    # abc

and that was not working either. So to fix the one with that tabs, I needed to fix the one with just spaces.

For another lesson in humility, you deeply understand how lucky you are to be able to think clearly when you take on a complicated task like debugging. What would normally take me a day or two to complete took many hours to handle. The cheer coming out of my mouth when I found the correct answer was enough to startle the dog and have him run to the other end of the house. The fun thing was that I had most of the code in place, I just needed to add two lines to use the code that was already there.

With the spaces-only case now working, I am working on the tab version, and I hope to have something committed by the end of the week, brain cells permitting. Stay Tuned!

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So what do you think? Did I miss something? Is any part unclear? Leave your comments below.



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